Saturday, April 3, 2010

iLove iPad, Anyone?

Remote controls are news bearers.

I had a glimpse of the new "i" in town when I stumbled upon a news about it after a dozen or so sets of aimless clicks on the remote control. The news clip introduces the new "i" in a family of i's - the iPad.

Apple, Inc. has introduced its new tablet-style iPad computer which boasts of a multi-touch screen and loads of apps to tinker with. And just like the other members of the iFamily (why not!), this one scores high in the aesthetic department with its beautifully-structured 9.7 inch high-resolution, LED-backlit IPS display.  I can only think of the word iSleek (hah!). Now, imagine watching a film with that sitting on your palms, while lounging somewhere and not necessarily missing any crucial point in the story whenever you need to pee.

The Apple site for the iPad takes great note of its long battery life which, they say, could run up to 10 hours due to its lithium-polymer battery - a far cry, indeed, from the usual 2-4 hours of notebook battery lives. The iPad, though, does not come with your usual keys on a keyboard. What the iPad has is a large onscreen keyboard that appears on a single tap whenever you are ready to compose or enter your texts. The onscreen keyboard does all the things a regular keyboard does - and the keys come in their regular sizes, too. And since the iPad's keyboard is software-based, it rotates and changes orientation with a turn.

Online, they say, it would cost you $499 for a 16GB iPAD Wifi. I'd say it is a reasonable amount for something much more useful than an iTouch which costs a little less. According to the news, Apple, Inc. has already presold 1000 of these. Let's see if people here in the Philippines would iLove the new iPad. As for me, I am totally curious about how it would feel to write my blog entries on an iPad (sigh!).

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